AGC of Kentucky realizes the importance of member participation and guidance for the success of the association. We provide avenues for members to become actively involved to ensure that the organization meets the needs of its entire membership. 

Financial Oversight Committee- (Greg Wilson)- Mountjoy, Chilton Medley, PLLC

Oversee the financial decision making of the association; make recommendations to AGC of Kentucky Board of Directors concerning the financial health of the association; develop financial policy and procedures with board approval.

Legislative Committee- (Dan Adams) - The Thermal Companies

Examine all regulations and statutes currently in place and all proposed legislation for the upcoming sessions of the General Assembly. Determine appropriate actions to be pursued by AGC staff and membership in safeguarding the industry against unfair practices, legislation and regulations.

Special Events Committee - (Cindee Middleton)- Tafel Motors

Determine the quantity, location, and focus of association special events while identifying fair cost associated with events. Make recommendations regarding cost effectiveness and value for the association and the general membership. Additionally, examine all proposed and existing events and determine those which are most valuable to the membership.

Safety Committee- (Chip Herchert)- BosseMattingly Constructors

Research resources for safety training requirements and make recommendations to the AGC of Kentucky staff regarding training events. Make recommendations to the AGC of Kentucky Board of Directors regarding the AGC PROTECT Safety Program. Identify additional safety-related areas and offer suggestions for improvement and/or implementation that can affect the industry or in support of vocational/technical education in Kentucky. Provide basic training and mentoring for member safety directors.

PROTECT Safety Program- (Shayne McDonough)- Dean Builds, Inc.

Review and approve level I, II, and III applications. Participate in on-site audits for new applications. Report the progress to the Safety Committee each month.

Political Action Committee (PAC)- (Tim Parsons) Parsons Electric, Inc.  & (Larry Cowgill) - Congleton-Hacker Company

Composed of general contractor and subcontractor members, the PAC Committee is a geographically diverse decision-making body charged with raising funds, evaluating candidates and making PAC disbursements to those seeking public office.

AGC of Kentucky’s Political Action Committee (PAC) does more than just help elect pro-construction candidates; it earns AGC respect in Frankfort. An association with a strong PAC demonstrates that it has a strong grassroots network, effective leadership and a committed membership. In short, people who can positively influence public policy.

Membership Committee- (Greg Saylor)- Arrow Electric

The Membership Committee shall interpret the objectives of the Association to encourage qualified persons in the commercial construction industry to apply for membership in the Association, promote membership by identifying prospective members to AGC Staff and Membership Committee members. Welcoming all New Members, communicating the value of membership and discussing with AGC Staff, the needs of members as they arise. Act as ambassadors to new members, prospective members and current members to encourage participation in events and to take advantage of the many benefits available for members.  

Worforce Development Committee- (Morgan Judy)- Judy Construction Company

The Committee will provide leadership, support and implementation of the Chapter's future workforce development efforts and initiatives. More specifically this includes: providing guidance and support for current and future AGC Student Chapters chartered by the AGC of Kentucky; supporting and implementing programs and efforts to strengthen our relationship with schools of construction; work to improve the image and awareness of construction careers in the eyes of the students, parents, administrators, lawmakers and the general public; identifying achievable goals and objectives in the area of workforce development; oversee and serve as the Committee of origin for initiatives associated with related AGC Strategic Plan goals. 

The Committee will also provide resources, input and assistance in the identification of the association’s professional education seminars and practical training offerings.