February 12, 2016


            Our public-private partnership (P3) legislation, HB309, was heard in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee on Tuesday.  A few changes were made from the original language.  In the end, the committee approved the bill.  Because this is the only jobs creation bill introduced to this point in the legislature, the full House voted on the bill Thursday afternoon.  HB309 passed the House by a vote of 83-11, with a friendly floor amendment.  The bill now goes to the Senate.  AGC has been a supporter and a leading proponent of P3’s for several years and fully endorses HB309.  Please contact your Senator and ask him/her to support HB309.


            A few other bills of significant interest and importance to AGC of Kentucky began moving through the legislative process this week.  HCR97, a workforce development task force, was passed by the full House on Tuesday by a vote of 95-0.  It is now in the Senate awaiting a committee assignment.  AGC is fully supporting this bill and will encourage the Senate to hear it as soon as possible.


            SB151 is a worker’s compensation bill that gives credit to those employers for providing light duty work to an injured employee.  The Senate Economic Development and Labor Committee voted to approve SB151 on Tuesday.  The full Senate can act on this bill at any time.  AGC strongly supports SB151.


            HB57, a tax increment financing (TIF) bill, is a mixed use redevelopment bill for blighted urban areas.  The bill passed the House Economic Development Committee, but because it has a fiscal impact to the state, the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee is now in possession of the bill.  We expect action in that committee within the next two weeks. 


            The construction industry is in need of trained and qualified personnel.  HB225 may be just one solution to that need.  This bill, if enacted, would issue professional licenses or certificates to military service members or veterans within two years of an honorable discharge if the training received by the service member could reasonably be expected to provide the necessary skills.  This bill passed the House Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on Wednesday and could see action by the full House at any time.  AGC supports HB225.

            Because the state has little, if any, funds to devote to capital construction, HB265 would allow the state-assisted universities to bond capital projects on their campuses with their own cash, restricted funds, federal funds and private funds.  This bill passed the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee on Tuesday and could see action by the full House any day.  AGC supports HB265.


Through February 12th, a total of 589 bills have been introduced this legislative session.  The House has introduced ­­­­409 bills while the Senate has 180 in their chamber.  Click on the link below to read the bills AGC is supporting:


               SB3 – Right to Work

               SB9 – elimination of prevailing wage on public school projects

               SB76 – vehicle loads

               SB93 – licensing fees

               SB94 – ability to opt out of prevailing wage on local government projects

               SB105 – elevator mechanic licensure

               SB132 – public private partnerships

               SB135 – offender reentry

               SB151 – worker’s compensation benefits

               SCR75 – Kentucky Workforce Oversight Task Force


   HB30 – licensing fees

   HB57 – tax increment financing

               HB200– worker’s compensation subrogation

               HB216 – Kentucky Economic Development Partnership

               HB225 – occupational licensure

               HB243 – administrative regulations

               HB265 – postsecondary education capital projects

               HB292 – limited liability entity tax (LLET)

               HB309 – public private partnerships

               HB311 – worker’s compensation benefits

               HB324 – taxation

               HB365 – underground facility protection

               HB379 – apprenticeships

               HCR97 – Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force


            We have completed the 27th legislative day of this 60 day session.  It is so important your legislators know how you feel on the numerous bills before them. We would appreciate it if you would let them know you are supportive of the bills listed above.  And you can do it with a phone call.  Just call the Legislative Message Line at (800) 372-7181 and ask for your representative and senator by name.  Each member of the General Assembly wants to hear from their constituents to help them make a better informed vote.


AGC of Kentucky is at the Capitol each and every day of the session.  We are the only full-time presence for the commercial construction industry there.  We are your professional representative working with your elected officials to make our industry successful in Kentucky. If you have any questions about AGC’s position on any legislation, please contact Ron Wolf, Director of External Relations, at