February 10, 2017

            The 2017 Kentucky General Assembly returned to Frankfort this past Tuesday after a four week recess.  While both the House and Senate continued to work in committees and on their respective floors, the action this week was not as fast and furious as it was the first week in January when they passed seven bills of importance.  And of the seven bills which were passed and signed into law by the governor, three are of great importance to the commercial construction industry.  They are:

SB6– paycheck protection

HB1 – Right to Work

HB3 – prevailing wage repeal

         Since the legislature returned on Tuesday, very few bills made it through the committee process to receive a vote on Friday in each chamber.  Those bills which did receive floor action were not of significance to our industry.

         Having used nine of the 30 legislative days they have this year, the General Assembly will focus much of their attention to: the heroin epidemic; education issues (both K-12 and post-secondary); legislation dealing with Kentucky’s public pension systems; and tort reform, just to name a few.  Tax reform will not take place during this 30-day session, but rather in a special session called by Gov. Bevin later on this year.  While we are pleased with the passage of the three bills above, AGC still has a few more items to pursue this session: worker’s compensation adjustments; workforce development issues for our industry; and a few other small business issues.


Already this year, the Senate has introduced 160 bills with 314 bills being filed in the House.  Some of these are beneficial to our members and others are detrimental.  AGC of Kentucky is the only commercial construction entity with full-time representation every day at the Capitol.  Should you have any questions about AGC’s position on any legislation, please contact Ron Wolf, Director of External Relations, at